4 Ways to Keep Your Beard in Top-Notch Condition!

No matter what type of whiskers you’re sporting, beard care is essential! Even the most majestic facial hair can fall flat without proper maintenance. Here are some of our best beard care tips to keep your facial hair in top-notch condition!

  1. Trim Wisely

Beards don’t just automatically grow into the perfect shape. You’ll probably need to trim your beard to style it just the way you want. You don’t need to do anything drastic. Sometimes simply combing your beard will keep it in shape, but other times it will need a trim, particularly on the sides. Pro tip: don’t go searching in your cutlery drawer for a pair of kitchen shears! Instead, invest in an extra sharp, high-quality pair of beard trimmers to get the job done right. 


  1. Keep it Clean

You should wash your beard for a few reasons. First of all, your beard gets dirty. It collects food, sweat, dead skin cells, and bacteria. You should wash your facial hair regularly to get rid of all these. Secondly, your beard is hair. And just like the hair on your head (if you have any), you should regularly wash it to keep your beard looking, feeling, and smelling great! If you go too long without washing your beard, you will end up with some itchy scruff—plus, it’s just basic hygiene.


  1. Oil Regularly

Although a regular wash will keep your beard clean and germ-free, it will also strip your beard hairs of their natural oils. To counter this, try a natural beard oil like this great-smelling Citrus Wood Beard Oil. After a shower, massage the oil throughout your beard. You don’t need to rinse the oil out. It’s supposed to stay in your beard to keep each hair soft, conditioned, and looking good all day long. For the same results, try a beard balm like our Citrus Wood Beard Balm, which is available as part of our Beard Grooming Kit.


  1. Comb Daily

By combing your beard at least once a day, you’re helping your beard stay healthy and maintain its shape. A good quality comb will help tame unruly hairs to give your beard a more polished look. Daily combing and brushing will also help evenly distribute any product you have in your beard, such as beard oil.


Butlers Body Butters offers high-quality natural beard care products you can trust to make your beard the best it can possibly be! And we only use all-natural ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re putting in your beard. For top-notch beard care, check out our Beard Care Kit! It contains everything you need to keep your facial hair looking fantastic:

  • A pair of beard trimming scissors
  • A beard shaping tool
  • Citrus Wood Beard Oil
  • Citrus Wood Beard Balm
  • A sandalwood comb and brush


Growing a beard is no small feat, but with the right natural products, it can be easy to maintain!